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Brian Dooley, CPA, MBT
ITC mission is inspiring innovative tax planning
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We are an international tax certified public accounting firm. 
The team that we will create for you will be comprised of 
international tax CPAs and attorneys. 

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Brian has been an international tax accountant  for more than 30 years.  More importantly, he has owned businesses and has experience the same kinds of problems as you.   He knows that entrepreneurs need an innovative and flexible corporate structure to maximize overseas profits.

He has helped numerous accountants and attorneys serve a broad range of individual and business clients in various international income  tax and estate planning matters. Also, he has on nine occasions offered expert witness testimony before the U.S... Department of Treasury and the U.S... House of Representatives on issues related to foreign investments, foreign trusts and private annuities. His experience includes:

  • Obtaining 100’s of private letter rulings and closing agreements from the IRS

  • Resolving  undisclosed cross-border tax issues with the IRS's voluntary disclosure initiative,

  • Advising attorneys and CPA’s on  international tax audits and IRS agreements,

  • Developing tax-efficient international estate plans

  • Implementing strategies that not only protect assets but also save taxes


Brian’s forte is obtaining written IRS rulings on international tax accounting planning strategies to guarantee savings. He also excels in counseling chartered accountants, CPAs and attorneys in international tax law. He is highly skilled in using the IRS tax-amnesty program, private letter rulings, foreign business tax credits and foreign  trusts to help clients:

  • Achieve their international tax and estate planning objectives

  • Protect themselves from  international tax audits, penalties and unpleasant tax surprises

  • Avoid IRS international tax controversy

  • Deal with foreign inheritances

  • Immigrate into the United States or open a U.S... office for a foreign company


  • Author of International Taxation in America.

  • Contributing author to Taxation of International Transactions, published by Matthew Bender

Team members

  • Former Department of Justice criminal tax attorneys

  • Wealth Counsel certified estate attorneys

  • Managing partners of law firms dealing with captive insurance law

  • U.K... Chartered Accountants


B.S... in Accounting and Masters in Business Taxation from the University of Southern California



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