Why International Tax Counselors for your International Tax PLanning?

International Tax Counselors (ITC) is the Apple of the tax world. Where most other CPAs and tax attorneys will stick to conventional strategies and stay put in their comfort zones, Brian Dooley and his team of tax professionals think different. And they encourage their clients to think different.

Technology and Taxes

Consider this: technology is changing business and taxation every day. Entrepreneurs have the potential to build massive wealth and curate lifestyles regardless of geographic location. Dooley and his team of tax professionals are constantly exploring how new technologies and business ventures can capitalize on existing tax laws.

ITC is strictly an international tax planning firm. It does not file tax returns, conduct audits, generate financial statements or do any work unrelated to international taxation. 

Every day, in addition to providing tax planning services to his clients, Dooley
•    reviews the newest IRS rulings
•    studies court cases 
•    watches government conferences on tax reforms

What does that mean for ITC’s clients? 

They’re 100% confident that their tax planning team has the most informed, creative thinkers in taxation. 

Breaking Tax Barriers Legally

When it comes to tax planning, international business owners need consultants who are willing to go beyond the boring, conservative tactics. You need experts who intimately understand the tax codes and have the guts to execute provocative tax strategies that most CPAs never consider.

To be clear, we’re not talking about breaking the law or tricking the IRS to save you money on taxes. ITC employs legally sound, proven tax strategies. 

ITC is well-known for its working relationship with the IRS for over three decades. Dooley has been called multiple times to offer expert witness testimony before the U.S. Department of Treasury and the U.S. House of Representatives. 

ITC sets the standard for legal, innovative tax planning to help your business thrive.



Entrepreneurs, you could be saving money

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