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Dooley Ecommerce Seminar

Here you will lean that our ancient tax laws have created new tax planning for E-commerce.

Private Family Trust Company in Nevada

The IRS recently announced that family private trust companies can be trustees for estate tax planning trust. Nevada has favorable laws allowing a privately owned trust company.

Best Offshore Business Tax Structure

Small business is not allowed the foreign tax credit. Without the foreign tax credit, their over tax burden exceeds 80%.

Dual Resident Corporation

To invest outside the U.S. you must have a foreign corporation. To avoid the complex offshore tax laws, your corporation can also be a Delaware corporation.

Cross Border Estate Planning

"International Taxation in America" by Brian Dooley, CPA, MBT is the only book that explains in easy to understand lanquage the tax savings for multi national families.

Captive Insurance for Small Business

"Everything You Need to Know About Captive Insurance Companies"  is  an entertaining and information video of my live seminar.  Watch the beginning of the two hour video video or watch the full two hours on Amazon by clicking here.



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