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Brian has been specializing in offshore taxation for more than 30 years. More importantly, he has owned businesses and has experienced the same kinds of problems as you. He knows that entrepreneurs need an innovative and flexible corporate structure to maximize overseas profits.

Video Gallery

Our Video Gallery  presents four minute  videos explaining new ideas of international tax planning.As in all cases, we recommend obtaining a private letter ruling from the IRS to guarantee your tax savings. These videos explain:

  • The use of captive insurance companies,
  • The best offshore tax structure for small business's international income tax planning,
  • The use of a Nevada Private Trust Company for foreign trust tax planning,
  • Dual Resident Corporations to maximize the foreign tax credit and
  • Sophisticated cross border inheritance planning for the multi-national family.

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Provocative tax issues is at this link. Join the 40,000 smart visitors (from fifty countries) enjoying provocative tax reporting.  If you want the boring stuff, this is not the blog. Legal tax avoidance is important. We separate fact from fiction of offshore tax planning.Further, we have added, below our custom Google search routine that searchers our blog, advance portions of my book  and 500,000 pages of the  IRS's public but hidden  web pages.  Unlike Google, our custom search results only has information form the IRS web site and our web site.  Here you will find tax savings information on  tax treaties, foreign trusts and foreign corporations, taxation of green card holders, foreign tax credit planning, and every other international income tax planning strategies. 



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